Tips to help you lose weight

Drink coffee an hour before your sports workout. Sometimes coaches advise not the most obvious and at first glance useful things. For example, drink a mug of strong coffee (with caffeine) 1h before the start of a sports workout. The purpose is to increase the effectiveness of classes. Coffee energizes and gives the necessary vigor. You’ll feel energized and put in more effort than usual, and as a result, you’ll burn more calories.

12 hours without food. We know it doesn’t sound very attractive, but it really works. 12h without food is not as long as it seems, but the effect is impressive. Moreover, we forgot to say the most important thing – you’ll have to starve during sleep. So, all you have to do is not eat for 12h between dinner and breakfast. It is desirable that the first 6 hours fall on wakefulness. The body spends the first 8 hours on the digestion of already available food, and the remaining 4 hours on the detox of the body, during which fat burning also occurs.

What should be changed in your daily routine?

Long and deep sleep normalizes the level of hormones in the body and helps to naturally get in shape. The secret is to go to bed before 11 p.m. in complete darkness (a sleep mask can help you here) and do not use any electronic devices for at least two hours before bedtime. All this contributes to the production of melatonin, which slows down the aging process, has antioxidant properties, and, which is especially important for us now, regulates the functions of the digestive tract.

Should you go on a diet?

Liquid food is the ideal nutritional option during emergency weight loss. If you need to lose weight quickly, switch to smoothies immediately. They will be able to satisfy the body’s need for calories and energy and at the same time accelerate metabolism and fat burning. In addition, a properly composed cocktail helps to remove toxins from the body, helps fight various skin problems and strengthens the immune system.
For beginners who have never been on a liquid diet, nutritionists recommend switching to a smoothie diet in part. Replace breakfast and dinner with smoothies, and leave lunch and snacks “solid”. Weight loss will not be as rapid, but it will be less torment for you.

What kind of workouts do you do?

It is necessary to alternate activities. Remember that high-intensity sports workouts must be alternated with relaxing ones. This will allow you not only to lose weight, but also not to cripple the muscles for which your goal can become unbearably heavy. Daily interval toning helps not only remove body fat, but also pump up muscles, which significantly speeds up fat burning.
So that at the end of the week you can still walk, sit down and not feel pain with every movement, start and end your active sports workout with stretching. Plus, if you work out in the morning, then it would not be superfluous to do a little stretching in the evening to relieve the tension from the muscles that appeared during the day and was reinforced by training.

Should you try CrossFit?

The CrossFit training method will definitely help you to lose weight. This method comes from the USA and was developed over 20 years ago. CrossFit improves performance in all of these areas, the goal is “GPP”: general physical preparedness. So be prepared for the unknown and unexpected. The aim of CrossFit training is all-encompassing fitness and more performance for your everyday life, job or sport.