About Crossfit as a brand

The CrossFit community is growing every day. Since 2007, a large number of tournaments have been held annually, including world and European championships in this, so to speak, sport. Recently, this discipline is developing rapidly in all parts of the world. There are many gyms to prepare for competitions in this sport, and special marathons and games are held periodically in the summer.
It isn’t just a workout – it’s a lifestyle. Many CrossFit newcomers have seen the documentaries on Netflix or Youtube videos of the CrossFit Games and are fascinated. They think “I can never do THAT!” At the same time, curiosity is aroused: If my neighbor, colleague or partner can do it, maybe I can do it too?

What directions does Crossfit unite?

First of all, it is a workout that is characterized by high intensity and constant change of exercises. They include elements of weightlifting and athletics, bodybuilding, fitness, classical gymnastics and even weightlifting. The main purpose of these classes is to improve physical shape, improve the work of the heart, blood vessels, respiratory system, and teach the body to quickly adapt to changing loads.
It is a very comprehensive training principle. It seeks to improve all components of physical performance in order to achieve a very broad and holistic fitness.

Its goal is to enable each individual to master as many physical challenges as possible that everyday life provides successfully and subsequently more efficiently. Be it the daily circumstances that the job entails (how much sitting, traveling etc.) or an extreme situation that none of us want to get into. In addition, holistic fitness forms the basis for all sports.
Functional movements are used in CrossFit to achieve this goal. The intensity and the movement sequences are constantly changing so that boredom does not arise.

What are Crossfit basics?

It is divided into 2 types. The first type is a fairly long distance with obstacles in the form of swamps, barbed wire fields, five-meter walls, etc. The second type is classes in the gym. A typical workout combines sports such as sprinting, rope climbing, working with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, gymnastic exercises on the rings, rolling huge tires and tires and many, many other activities. The list of exercises you need to do in one session is called WOD (Workout of the Day). WODs include a different number of different exercises and have different durations – weight training, gymnastic elements, cardio, etc. WOD is repeated in several rounds. The number of repetitions of one exercise can be set or performed to the maximum.

Who benefits from Crossfit?

Throwing classes halfway through without training is against CrossFit rules. It is necessary to finish the starting round, and it is desirable to break the previous record. Improving physical fitness. High intensity training allows you to easily lose weight. Approximately 1,000 calories are burned per workout. If you also eat right, you can achieve a real wow-effect in a relatively short period of time.

Are there any contraindications to doing CrossFit?

Minus of a high-intensity training is a too busy program. The main problem with CrossFit is the heavy workload that a beginner receives in the first lesson. This is an extreme workout with the increased trauma risks. Because athletes do not focus on technique, but on speed and weight when performing exercises, the probability of injury increases many times over. Is it harmful? Everyone answers this question for themselves. Not all professional athletes approve of such activity. Obviously, this sport is more suitable for those people who already have some experience of strength training and intense training. Such active classes are allowed at any age, the main thing is your desire and motivation. But, of course, prior consultation with a doctor is required.