Special features of CrossFit exercises

CrossFit is a workout aimed at full physical development. The specificity of this system is the absence of any specialization. The combination of exercises on simulators, kettlebell lifting, gymnastics, weightlifting allows you to make training as effective and interesting as possible. CrossFit programs are easily adapted for people of different ages. Intensity, weight, load vary, but the meaning of the technique remains unchanged.
The complex consists of exercises of increased intensity, the duration of the lesson is usually no more than 20 minutes. CrossFit combines activities such as running, working with weights, rowing, jumping, climbing ropes, flipping tires, exercises on rings and others. A typical workout in the gym consists of a warm-up, learning new exercises and practicing them, intense WOD, working on mistakes.

A distinctive feature of the CrossFit program is the frequent change of actions. The sprint race is replaced by strength exercises with weights, then jumping rope. After that, the athlete can climb the rope, throw heavy objects, etc.
From time to time, the load in training should increase, and the time to perform a particular type of exercise should decrease. Part of the program for those who are seriously interested in this direction is the right diet.

How to identify a bad CrossFit trainer?

Before starting to analyze the movements and exercises, we will briefly consider how to “test” your trainer for professional suitability. The opinions of top-class athletes, as well as coaches of performing athletes, are taken as the basis for such a “check”. This is crucial only because incompetent trainers will load you with completely unnecessary work, and if these 10 exercises are present in your workouts, then they are not at all in the form in which they should be.

So, if your coach:

  • Isn’t interested in your nutrition and diet in general;
  • Gives you challenging WODs from the first day;
  • Does not follow your execution technique (and does not emphasize that this is the main point in all exercises);
  • Promises to give a big load from the first week, mentioning famous crossfit symbols;
  • Constantly gives different complexes (excluding adaptation and progression in specific physical work);
  • Does not develop all qualities separately (strength work, aerobic, gymnastics, etc.).

In this case, it is better to look for other CrossFit gyms, because you will not only lose time, but you may well earn some injuries or worsen your health.

What is important to remember when doing CrossFit?

You need to understand that CrossFit exercises have a specific goal. Each movement either prepares you for a more difficult movement or provides the necessary level of preparation. For example, kettlebell swings are a great way to prepare you for other pelvic-dominant movements so that you can do basic weightlifting.

The next important condition is that your workouts should not consist only of CrossFit complexes. Of course, to an inexperienced athlete, it may seem that the whole CrossFit is a series of randomly selected exercises that change with each new workout in order to ensure the golden rule of this sport – “CrossFit athlete is ready for any kind of load.” However, this is an erroneous opinion, more precisely, it is applicable only in the case of holding competitions and performing at them.

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Progression is based on the principle of adaptation and specialization. Simply put, in order to become stronger in something, you need to progress. For example, if you want to improve your results in the push press, you need to not only do the push press itself, trying to reach more serious weights, but also perform other exercises that will improve the results (front squat, kettlebell swings, etc.).
Finally, it is worth noting that CrossFit complexes are often scolded for not following the right techniques. For example, bodybuilders do not approve of pull-up styles such as butterfly or kipping, classical weightlifters find errors in the technique of pushing and snatching, and so on. However, most often these are not mistakes, but the specifics of performing CrossFit movements, which allows you to reach a better result (more repetitions, more rounds, faster execution time).

In normal training, you should try to devote time to basic technique, that is, only strict pull-ups, that is, pure weightlifting movements, etc.

Top 3 CrossFit exercises

  1. Burpee
    Many top division athletes, especially those who came to CrossFit from weightlifting and other strength sports, simply hate this exercise. And yet, they recognize it as almost the most important. This is the best movement for developing endurance, which in its functionality is almost unparalleled. You should pay maximum attention to technique, because burpees are for developing strength, endurance, coordination, etc., and not for a beautiful number on the board with the number of repetitions performed.
  2. Thrusters
    This CrossFit exercise has migrated to other sports and is rightfully considered almost the most functional when it comes to strength work. It combines two of the most voluminous movements: squats and abdominal crunches. Moreover, thrusters put extra strain on the muscles of the core and back, as the body is forced not only to maintain balance, but also to transmit momentum as it moves from the legs to the arms.
    It is important to remember that this is an explosive movement during which you must get up quickly, transferring momentum from your legs to your arms.
  3. Arm swings with a kettlebell
    This movement can hardly be called only a CrossFit exercise, rather it has found its popularization in this discipline, although in fact it has been the main one in kettlebell lifting for many decades. It is quite simple and every person can perform it, having correctly selected the weight of the kettlebell. It also engages almost every muscle in the body, and most importantly, it perfectly prepares your muscles for other, more complex types of movements (especially with abduction of the pelvis).